Photo Guidelines

The most important part of your order is the quality of the photo you upload.
Tips to help you get a great photo for your pet portrait:

1. LIGHTING: The best photos are taken in well lit or natural light settings. Ensure the whole face & neck is visible and not in shadows. Try to avoid bad lighting.

2. POSE: Take your pet photo at eye level with your pet. Make sure your pet's entire head is in picture (no ears are out of frame). It works best if your pet is looking directly at the camera or looking away from the camera.

3. QUALITY: Make sure that your photos are in high resolution and not blurry. Close up photos work best so we can see their unique facial features.

4. COLOR: Use color photos to place an order. Make sure that your pet’s coloring  is not distorted in the photos.

Photo Examples:

Pet Portraits Good Example  
  1. Natural light 
  2. Pet photo at eye level, facing forward 
  3. Good quality, not blurry 
  4. Naturale colors 

Pet Portraits Bad Photo
  1. Poor lighting ❌
  2. Ears are cut off ❌ 
  3. Blurry photo ❌                                          

Pet Portrais Bad Photo
  1. Pet is lying down ❌                                  

Please note that if we do need a new photo from you, this may slow your order down by a few days.

Toy Photo Examples:

Toy Photo Pet Portraits
Take a photo of toy from above so we can see it completely (if you want to get Pawtrait with toy)

 Paws Photo Pet Portraits

Take a photo of pet's paws at eye level with pet's paws

If you chose the Pawtrait option with a toy or our thing but didn't send us a photo of the pet’s paws, then we will draw paws in color of your pet.